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Since its launch in January 2003 Gipton Together has worked with children/young people aged 5yrs -18 yrs. from the communities of Gipton/Harehills and surrounding areas, areas scant of opportunities for young people.

Through arts and sports activities for young people our sessions act as a crime prevention and crime diversionary alternative. 

Gipton Together addresses social exclusion providing community based activities, and a safe place for children/young people to go in the evenings - and alternative to 'hanging out' on the streets.

We encourage young people to participate, to acquire and develop their ‘transferable’ skills, to raise their aspirations, to help them improve their emotional and physical well-being, self-esteem and confidence; and with the support of the wider community, to challenge the barriers between generations.

Gipton Together work with children/young people aged 6yrs - 18 yrs from the communities of Gipton/Harehills and surrounding areas- areas scant of opportunities for young people.

To insure the success of the project and to engage the needs of the children/young people we ask them what activities they want rather than telling them.



Founder of Gipton Together

(Retired 2020)



Gipton Together Coordinator



Gipton Together Administrator


We are the trustees at Gipton Together and we are always looking for new people to come and support our wonderful charity. If you are interested please contact us. If you want to understand the role of a trustee have a look at this... 

Charis Osborne- Charis is Executive Director at Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds. She has supported Gipton Together for over 10 years by helping our young people achieve their dreams and being able to move forward in the dance world.

Leanne Brooke- Leanne is a Careers Manager at Leeds East High School in Leeds. Two of Leanne's children attend sessions at Gipton Together and Leanne has become an integral part of the team here most evenings.

Nikki Bennet- Nikki is the daughter of Founder Terri Loney and has come on board as a Trustee recently to ensure that her Mum's legacy is carried on. Nikki also has a daughter who attends our sessions and also works in a school.

Melissa Chippendale- Melissa used to be one of our Young People who attended sessions when we first opened. Melissa is now a Trustee as she has a huge investment in what we do here.


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