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About Us

Gipton Together work with children/young people aged 6yrs - 18 yrs from the communities of Gipton/Harehills and surrounding areas- areas scant of opportunities for young people.


We provide performing Arts and Sports activities for young people that act as a crime prevention and crime diversionary alternatives.


Gipton Together addresses social exclusion providing community based activities, and a safe place for children/young people to go in the evenings - and alternative to 'hanging out' on the streets.


We encourage young people to participate, to acquire and develop their 'transferable' skills, to raise their aspirations, improving their emotional and physical well-being, self-esteem and confidence; and with the support of the wider community, to challenge the barriers between generations.


To insure the success of the project and to engage the needs of the children/young people we ask them what activities they want rather than telling them.


All the activities were chosen by the young people. Over 200 attend various evening activites on offer.

Gipton Together has now got a new activity on the timetable as Boxing was requested by numerous people who do not engage in other activities, this is open on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.(Gipton Boxing Club) 


The young people are involved in dance, cheerleading and karate competitions.


They perform in various dance and musical theatre shows and at community events.