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Our classes:

Lyrical Dance 

A fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance with an emotive theme. Two separate classes for ages 5 - 18 years old.


Basic technique to improve posture, flexibility and extension to become more competent when executing more challenging dance routines.

Cheer Dance 

Pom Dance classes for ages 5 - 18. Competing at Regional and National level. Performing at local events.

Boys Dance Group


Our aim is to inspire confidence and dissolve any negatives that are wrongly associated with boys dancing.

Delivered by ‘GEE’ a male tutor who has 20+ years of experience in the dance profession.

The basics of Break Dancing, Urban/Street Dance, and Body Popping/Locking will be covered in a creative way. Opportunities to take part in live showings and performances throughout the year will be available to committed participants.

Body awareness along with the mental approach required to achieve and maintain a decent level of physical activity, is the main focus of these classes.

Musical Theatre Jazz, Drama and Singing

Working towards an annual musical performance combining drama, singing and dance skills throughout.


A class using themes of traditional karate training through fighting ,self-defence, mental and moral aspects.

Hip Hop

A competitive Hip Hop group aged 9 -16 years old. Competing at Regional and National level.

Street /Commercial Dance

A class using the latest dance styles as seen on music videos.  Four separate classes for  Ages 5 - 16 years old dependant on age and ability.


Basic gymnastic skills focusing on twists, flips, roles and jumps enabling young people to enhance skills for competitions

Djembe Drumming 

DJEMBE – "everyone gather together in peace"

Originally from Mali in Western Africa. Musicians use the Djembe (JEM BEH) as the instrument of dance at important social gatherings such as Marriages, Baptisms and Funerals.

Sessions will develop each week, using counting and rhythms learnt from previous lessons.

No experience required – come with an open mind and a willing attitude to learn.

Arts and Crafts

Lots of fun. Learning new art skills and making props and items for our shows.

Sports Skills

A class that teaches different sports skills. How to condition your body ready to participate and play team sports with others.


Sessions for all abilities, with qualified coaches. Learning discipline and fitness skills and improving technique.

Summer Camp

Sessions through the summer holidays helping to engage young people and keep them off the streets. Sessions include art, dance and learning through fun.


How to Help:

We are a non-profit charity organisation who are supported by funding from our local and national funders..

The work we do to helping keep children off the streets and away from crime is truly rewarding . However we always need more support..lf you can donate time, sponsorship or funding to our wonderful charity please contact us.

Thank you

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Getting Our Groove On!

Our Timetable

world gold council.png

Thankyou to The World Gold Council for your generous donation. The Young People have asked for the donation to be used for some equipment and to update our training uniforms.

Thank  you

A massive big thank you to Jennifer Welsh from Lineham Farm and MOTORCYCLE ACTION GROUP  for supporting our young people at Gipton Together with Easter Egg donations...Thank you